GPS Tracking Can Deliver Vital Info for Tax

Have you got a car tracking device fitted? This could also prove a boon in collecting data for Sars purposes. In principle, a device is a detailed collection of data – calculating the amount of private mileage and business mileage used within a tax year cycle.

Your car tracking device can store this data for you, and more. Finding the right tracking device can be frustrating. They all seem to offer much the same thing, yet some are better than others in doing that very same job. How to find one of these ‘special’ ones is the task facing you.

Having a system fitted is the important thing to do, no matter which one you choose. Here’s why it is so important:

  • It collects all the data that you will need for Sars purposes. It’s like filling in a logbook, except the tracking device does it all for you.
  • Enhances productivity – company managers and fleet managers can ensure personnel use their time more effectively. Their time and movements are being tracked, so you can keep an eagle eye on their movements at all times.
  • Your relationships with customers will improve – GPS monitoring systems gives real-time delivery tracking. You can give customers a very accurate estimate time that their inventory will be delivered.
  • Improving your carbon footprint –your GPS will allow for the quickest and shortest delivery route, allowing you to cut down on fuel consumption. Automated reports can also save on the amount of paper being used. Less paper, less trees being cut down!
  • Safety. A GPS device is installed out of sight so no-one not in the know can figure out where it is. If your car or delivery vehicle is stolen, you can keep track of where your car is at any moment. So, it is easier to locate and recover.
  • More accurate information. Installing GPS tracking devices on your fleet or car can give you all the information required on your employees’ performance. Overtime can be cut due to drivers taking the wrong routes. You can also provide customers with very accurate billing information.
  • Increase deliveries. Due to your drivers’ more efficient performances, you can increase the number of deliveries.

Data available from a server

Modern GPS trackers will have all the data that has been stored available for you from a server so it can be accessed remotely from anywhere at any time, so you can pinpoint your vehicle or data even when you are not at the base location.

The kind of information that you can download from a GPS server -i.e., mileage used, amount of petrol purchased and the like, is all needed for Sars purposes. In fact, you must keep an accurate record of all your expenses during the year such as fuel, maintenance, lease costs and insurance costs.

Obviously, a lot of the information can be obtained from GPS downloads and the other information is easy enough to obtain. Note that you need to keep all your records that you have obtained for at least five years if Sars conducts an audit.

With the Sars electronic tax logbook, you can also track, measure and monitor mileage, fuel consumption and maintenance costs. So, when using your GPS or the Sars logbook, you can keep a valid and accurate account of data needed by Sars.