7 Reasons Why You Need A GPS Tracker

GPS trackerIn South Africa’s particularly volatile security situations on the roads, having a GPS tracker system is not merely convenient. It means that additional security features come into play immediately. Peace of mind means additional resourcefulness.

There are many benefits of installing a GPS tracker in your car or your employee fleet. Here are seven of the most important ones.


1. Real-time delivery tracking

Being able to tell where delivery vehicles are at any given time. This data will enable communication with customers informing them when their delivery will arrive.

Having this information means increasingly satisfied customers who will spread the word of company efficiency. It also has a knock-on effect for the drivers, who will feel proud that they are providing such a competent service.

2. Decreasing carbon footprint

GPS tracking enables the fleet, or a car, to take the most advantageous route, ensuring fuel efficiency. Calculating shorter ways of getting to the destination means that you will be able to reduce carbon emission.

As the fleet manager is cognisant of where drivers are at any time, the likelihood of getting lost and having to travel extra mileage will be reduced significantly.

3. Security

If your car or delivery vehicle is highjacked, police will be able to determine where the vehicle is. This is one of the most important reasons that a GPS tracker should be used. Reduced insurance premiums will also result from having a GPS in the vehicle.

Every year, more than 10 000 vehicles are hijacked in South Africa. Such an alarming number calls for best security measures for your vehicle. 

4. Company savings

Immediate benefits mean that fleet managers can assess employee abilities and provide information which would have them perform their tasks more efficiently. By eliminating downtime, the company will enjoy savings with reduced fuel usage.

5. Added efficiency

Manage staff fleets more efficiently by being to control their daily routes from the office. Cut down on downtime and have a more productive workforce.

6. Enhanced two-way contact

The GPS communicates arrival and departure times directly to the controlling officer at HQ, so there is no need to constantly be in touch with the office. This will eliminate extensive cellphone usage and administration costs.

7. Enhanced business productivity

Having the most effectual route planner will enable the most direct way to travel to the destination. This cost-cutter and time-saver will see an increased use of vehicles to other destinations during the same day, greatly enhancing business productivity.

Management will be able to structure drivers’ timetables more effectively, so their time is managed more productively. Should a client call and need urgent pickup or service attention, the controller at HQ can note the vehicle closest to that client and direct the driver to that destination.

Undoubtedly, the pros of having a GPS tracker system in your car or vehicle fleet vehicles mean added security and productivity.

The controller always has the advantage of being in touch with drivers and can note where any driver is at any time. This means added security for the drivers at the same time knowing that they are being continually monitored.