What Happens to A Car Tracker Unit If I Sell My Car?

If you sell your car before the end of the car tracker agreement, you can transfer the car tracking contract to your next vehicle. Charges will apply for transferring the contract and installing of the unit in your new vehicle.

You may also cancel the agreement which will also reap cancellation costs. Alternatively, the new owner can also take over the agreement and carry on paying the monthly fee. The new owner also has the option of taking out a new contract while utilizing the existing unit.

If you are the new owner and the previous owner has removed the tracking it is important to realise the importance of having a tracking device in your car. You should immediately install a device in your car as:

Importance of a tracker

  • Due to the incidence of vehicle highjacking, it is of utmost importance to have a tracking device. This will give authorities notice of where your vehicle is at any moment and be able to recover the car with a good chance of apprehending the criminals.
  • A lower insurance premium due to the added protection afforded your vehicle.
  • Keep track of delivery and transportation fleet vehicles. Cost-saving and security are paramount for any logistics companies utilizing large fleets of vehicles.

How does the tracker work – and let me know where it is?

The tracker unit’s location can be found by sending an SMS from a cellphone. You will receive a Google Maps link pinpointing the location. The tracking platform can be located online using a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Tracking platforms available today are very user-friendly and have various levels of functionality. They vary from free platforms to full fleet management.

There are many suppliers able to meet your needs in South Africa. The one that you will be most comfortable with is the one that offers the best service. This is something largely unknown in South Africa, but any company which has a strong reputation for providing top service and courtesy management will get the most users.

Top features available

The top suppliers will offer the following features:

  • Pinpoint the position of the tracker on a platform
  • Destination derived via an SMS or missed call.
  • Get an alert if the tracker departs from an area known as a Geofence.
  • Get an alert if the tracker transgresses your pre-set speed limit.
  • Get an alert if the tracker travels a set distance from a stationary position.
  • Get an alert if an SOS button is used.
  • Tune into the conversation inside the vehicle.

These features are activated via an SMS to the tracker.

You will gather from the above the importance of having a tracker fitted inside your vehicle, whether it be a private car or fleet truck. Trackers obviously require cellphone coverage and data connectivity, which is available on all major routes in South Africa.

We have transgressed somewhat from the original question, but it is vital to reiterate the importance and ease of use of vehicle trackers. Drive safely!