Need A Car Tracker?

Discover how you can save thousands on your insurance premiums and have peace of mind with one of SA's most sought after vehicle tracking solutions.

Did you know that 22 000 cars get stolen on average every year in South Africa? Can you really afford not to track your vehicles?

Save thousands on your insurance premiums by getting a car tracker installed today. Here's the benefits you will receive:

  • Save thousands on your insurance. This alone will pay for your tracking unit. Insurance companies sees you as less risk so they give you discount on your premiums.
  • Have peace of mind by knowing where your car is at all times of the day.
  • Reduce running costs if you are a business owner by targeting those who speed and waste petrol.
  • Get a automatic logbook generated that you can use to lower your tax payments for the year.

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Custom Solutions To Suit Your Needs

Fleet Management

Optimise your business' productivity and reduce costs with detailed fleet management solutions.

Vehicle Tracking

Track your car any time of the day with lazer focused GPS tracking and reduce your insurance cost dramatically.

Bike/Scooter Tracking

Get bike tracking solutions to manage on-time deliveries and track your bike/scooter any time of the day.

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