What Is the Process with My Tracker If My Car Gets Stolen?

Okay, so your car has been stolen. It’s everyone’s nightmare and it normally happens so quickly that before you know it, the car’s vanished.

There is a procedure, and it must be followed.

Firstly, the police must be notified. Do not delay in reporting this as the quicker it’s done, the greater your chances are of having your car returned. Remember, too, that the police are dealing with hundreds of car thefts daily. It’s a gigantic caseload. There could well be a time lag into getting onto your case, hence the haste required in reporting the theft.

Worst-case scenario

The criminals could have abandoned your car or could have been driven into a garage where it will be stripped immediately for parts, spray-painted and number plates changed for it to be sold. This, naturally, is the worst-case scenario and you can say goodbye to the car.

However, the criminals may still be in the vehicle, travelling to a destination where it could be used for all sorts of nefarious purposes. This is the time when you could have the most success in recovery of the vehicle.

The police will need a stolen car report, filled in at your nearest police station. This will include make, model, year, colour, registration and VIN number. You must also inform them of personal items in the car. Hopefully this will not include a registration certificate which could be used for resale purposes.

Call car insurance company

After this, you should call your car insurance company. You must report the theft to them, attest to the policy number and level of cover.

If you have a fully comprehensive policy, this could cover the hire of a rental car. If the car is not recovered, your insurance must compensate you for the value of the policy. If the vehicle is recovered and is damaged, your policy will either be used to scrap the car, or have it repaired.

If your wallet was in the car (you should never leave your wallet in the car), then you will have to call the credit card company and any other supplier where cards need cancelling. If your home keys were in the vehicle, call a locksmith and have all the locks changed. This is a necessary safeguard in case there is a way your address could be obtained.

What NOT to do

Smartphone technology and tracking devices can track a stolen car and determine its location. Do NOT attempt to recover the car by yourself. Report this information to the police and they will institute a recovery process. Do not attempt to engage with criminals. This could prove to be very dangerous. They could well be armed, so avoid this route like the plague.

If your car is a write-off or if it’s not recovered, you would do well to invest in a new tracker immediately – and just hope that the awful incident does not repeat itself!